Active Schools Support Resources

The resources provided below are free to download for you to use with your school when developing your active schools culture. If you would like more assistance in using any of the resources below, or have any questions, please send them to

Active Schools Implementation Guide | DOWNLOAD
Use this guide to learn more about each of the key priorities within the Active Schools Framework, and some simple tools you can use to review and continue developing your active schools culture.


PE, Sport and Outdoor Education Boost Information Sheet | DOWNLOAD
This document shares information on how you can use the PE, Sport and Outdoor Education Boost funding, how to spend it sustainably and links to other forms of funding you can access to contribute towards implementing an Active Schools Framework

Minor Games (or Yard Games) for Physical Activity | DOWNLOAD
An excellent resource to support classroom teachers in facilitating active breaks or taking the class outside for an activity.  Activities require minimal equipment, have simple explanations and little to no set up time.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) Resource
This amazing resource is designed to be a guide to getting started with a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) at your school. It is to be used as a model and starting point that each school can change and adapt according to their specific needs, students and context.  Broken into useable sections, click through them all to see for yourself!


The ESS team are developing new resources as we speak! More coming soon!