Event Resources

The Active Schools team ran a series of professional learning workshops in early 2023, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive on the quality and range of information presented and support provided  Regardless of whether you were able to attend the day or not, Active Schools is also pleased to announce that access to the presentations and resources from these days have been made available, free, for all educators. 

Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out at our active school email activeschools@achper.vic.edu.au


Traralgon resources

About KIDDO 2023
Active Schools Recipe Cards
Active Schools Introduction Traralgon
Primary Schools KIDDO Flyer
TransformUs Active Break handout
Traralgon Active Classrooms Video
GippSport Programs Contacts

Bendigo resources

Bike Ed Activity Cards
Indigenous Games Yulunga
Active Schools Quality PE Cultural Session
Active Classrooms Bendigo

Geelong resources

Active Recreation - Structured approach Altona College
Active Recreation - SVAL flipped classroom
Active Recreation - Using SV to get AR right Bellarine SC
Supportive School Environment - Fiso Wellbeing
Supportive School Environment - PA and Wellbeing Mancave
Supportive School Environment - PA and Ocean Mind
Leisure Networks and Nelson Park Community Links (SSE & QSS)
Student Voice Whats Next
The Fishing Game (VFA) - Instructions

Active Classrooms
Ringwood - Forum
SEPEP Presentation

Federation of Government Schools Conference

2023 Active Schools Implementation Guide
Action Plan Template (AS & EC)
Brain Breaks ACHPER 2021
Safe Unsafe
Diversity Dash
First then next
How to be an Active School without the funding
Large ringed cues 5
My new PE Teacher
Roadmap to Regulation
Six Lanyard Ringed 1-6
Six Lanyard Ringed 7-12
Six Lanyard Ringed 13-18
Triangle Tag
Visual Timetable Armstrong Creek

Active Schools Introduction - Cranbourne

Active Classrooms

Active Schools Recipes for Success (Conversation Cafe)

Domino Effect Active Break






Striking Fielding handout

TAB model - Active Breaks

Tennis Hot Shots & Cardio

The TransformUs Active Break handout

UNO Literacy Attack Active Break

Uno Workout Attack Active Break

Active Classrooms

Active Schools - Intro and Forum



Next Steps

Sepak Takaw

Wangaratta Student Session

Australian Ballet Active Schools, Maths & Dance

Australian Ballet PD days 2023

Maths AC session 1 - Active Classrooms Unleashed; "PRIMERS"

Maths AC session 3 - strategies for effective curriculum planning

Maths AC session 3 - Virtual session recording

Maths Screencast Surf Coast School