Supporting Organisations

ACHPER Victoria  Link to home page where you can find information linked to PE professional learning and resource opportunities 
Active Classrooms  Link to activities that could be used by the classroom teacher to support PE content or for classroom breaks 
AFL  Link to AFL home page     
Athletics  Resources (activity booklets and coaching activities), program bookings and details for educational settings.    
Badminton Shuttle Time  Designed to provide a positive badminton experience for children and youth through a fun, engaging and social environment. The program helps participants experience success in a safe and inclusive environment regardless of their ability.        
Baseball  Baseball resources such as at home skill videos, rules books and coaching instruction. FMS links are also provided. 
Basketball  Exceptional resources and participation programs, school programs and specialist basketball programs. 
Bicycle Network  Information and ‘know how’ for bicycle practice across all age groups. 
Bowl Patrol Inclusive Resource  In partnership with autism spectrum Australia,  to ensure EVERY child enjoys their learning to bowl experience. Check out our word board, social story and visual cards. 
Cricket Australia  Link to home page where you will find a wide range of school related offerings including: 
Cricket Australia Cricket Smart resources  Aligned to the Australian curriculum, cricket smart helps students to grasp and retain knowledge using cricket themed lesson plans as a teaching tool. 
Cycling (RideNation)  Links to funding (sporting schools) school programs (ride nation) and teacher accreditation certificate information 
Football (soccer)  Link to sporting schools' offerings for football 
Lacrosse  Link to lacrosse home page      
Lacrosse Victoria The lacrosse Victoria teacher resource is designed to assist teachers run a successful lacrosse unit within their school.  The resource provides an explanation of basic skills, activities & games, primary & secondary rules and sample lesson plans. 
Life Saving Victoria  Link to PE and resources in line with the Victorian water safety certificate 
Little Athletics  Lesson plans, links to curriculum, group game ideas and competition resources. 
Netball  This link takes you to the school’s resource page for netball. You may need to register on the website to access further information 
Physical Activity  Link to ideas related to active recreation 
Play  Link to the new play participation stream within school sport Victoria's pathway. 
Quality Physical Education  Link to PE resources 
Quality Sport Education  Link to sport resources 
School Sport Victoria  Link to SSV home page       
School Sport Victoria Sporting Schools  Link to teacher's section in SSV website   
Schools - Lacrosse Victoria  Link to school tab where you will information about school competition and a teacher’s resource including lesson plans 
Schools | AFL Victoria  Under the participation tab is where you will find school information 
Shuttle Time at home  With badminton Victoria 
Soccer (Football)  Football Victoria has developed the schools session plans as a tool to assist PE & sports education professionals to conduct football sessions for their students.  All activities can be scaled up and down to suit the age and experience of students and are developed to be fun and focus on the most exciting aspects of the game. 
Softball  Fantastic video modules with downloadable rules, mats and scoresheets for educators (great for no PE background) 
Sport Australia  Link to sport Australia home page.  Scroll down to find many useful links with many resources located under the schools and teacher's tile.   
Sporting Schools | Sport Australia  Link to sporting schools' program 
Table Tennis  Fantastic links to coach and teacher led programs, equipment packages and links to bookings. 
Ten Pin Bowling  Bowl patrol 'lane ranger' online training can teach your students the basics of tenpin bowling. Upskill yourself in delivery of this program by completing easy, online lane ranger training. 
Toolkit for Teachers (Outdoor Learning)  Resources dedicated to helping teachers increase their confidence in taking students into the outdoors across a variety of curriculum focus areas. 
Transform US  Link to home page where you will find free resources to support development of more active learning spaces including lesson plans. 
VicHealth  Link to Vic health website. Browse for content on multiple areas related to PA and health    
Volleyball  Inclusive resources, modified games and rules, club and school links to programs.