ACHPER Victoria Resources

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Curriculum Support Charts
These posters provide ideas on how the Victorian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education content descriptions can be interpreted in your classes. A very helpful resource for curriculum planning.

Planning Templates
These editable templates provide a format for you to plan your HPE units and lessons. Annotated versions exist to help you understand how to complete these.

HPE at Home Resources
These packs provide activities for students in either primary or secondary to plan for remote teaching, however, can also be used to prepare for small group and low equipment sessions.

eLearn Courses
A range of self paced eLearn courses are accessible, each targetting F-10 HPE and providing 2 hours of CPD. Course topics include: Developing a Vision for your PE Program, Fundamental Movement Skills, Planning and Teaching Using a Thematic Approach, Assessment in Physical Education, Game Sense, Fitness Assessment Foundations, and SEPEP Foundations.

Game Sense Unit Plans for Levels 5 and 6
Four unit plans are available for each of the four game sense categories, linked to either the Victorian or Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Each include a unit overview, 8 detailed lesson plans, targeted assessment tools and suporting information. A generic assessment pack is also available which can be used across any of the units.

FMS eBook
Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) form the basis for the wide range of movements and skills students will need to participate in a range of sports and physical activities. This guide provides advice and information on 18 skills, including sample activities and application in context.

Introduction to effective teaching skills and practices in practical PE (F-10)
This eBook uses evidence-based teaching considerations to enable teachers to plan for an effective PE learning environment to facilitate a high-quality PE program, particularly in practical PE. Available as a PDF, this resource will help you to identify what constitutes high-quality PE programs and effective teaching, understand how to plan for effective instruction and share effective teaching skills and practices for establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment in practical PE.

How to develop a Physical Education 'Movement and Physical Activity' Scope and Sequence (F-6)
Designed to support you to develop your Primary (F-6) Victorian Physical Education (PE) curriculum, this eBook alleviates the challenges of curriculum planning through the development of content knowledge in this area. This resource specifically focuses on the Movement and Physical Activity strand of the Victorian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education to meet the needs of educators primarily responsible for PE.